Q: How many players can join my league?
A: UNLIMITED! (Or you break our site...whichever comes first)
Q: Do you have live scoring?
A: Nope! Money's too tight for live scoring. Live data is very expensive. That said we are always looking to find a cost effective way to include it and hope to do some one of these years. We think you'll agree that our game does just fine without it, but we sure would like to do it one of these days.
Q: What's this "Pro Bowl" you speak of?
A: The Pro Bowl allows you to compete against every other manager on PlayoffBlitz.com. Not only do you see your results within your individual league, but you can see how you did compared to everyone on the site. Winning the Pro Bowl is the ultimate goal as doing so means you're the champion of the world!
Q: Can I set a lineup for a different team in my league?
A: You bet your sweet bippy.

You'll find the tool under "Commissioner" (top right). There will be a section on that page labeled "Set Other Lineup". That's the stuff.
Q: Can I change the rules of my league?
A: Nope! We don't allow any modifications at this point. Unlike the regular season where the draft postion and number of teams in your league changes your strategy, in this format all players are available to everyone, so the points at different positions are less relavant than picking the right players on the right weeks.