We've created this playoff football league management website for your pleasure and hope you enjoy crushing your friends, enemies, coworkers and colleagues with it.

The Beginning

We sat across from each other in cubicals. The NFL season season was coming to a close. After some discussion on how great NFL football was, we began to question why there wasn't a good playoff football experience. Our internet searches left us completely unsatisfied with our options for a great, competitive postseason football experience. In order to remedy the situation, we developed our own. We wanted a simple, yet challenging and fun format. It was 2003 when we first gathered a group of coworkers and friends to try our new playoff league format. In the early years we managed the points and teams via spreadsheets and it developed into exactly what we were looking for.

The Internet

In 2007 we made the leap, and put our format online for others to enjoy. We learned a lot in our first postseason online and have made some major improvements to the site and its functionality since then.


The west winds came a calling. In 2012 Chad packed up the wagon and headed west. He had lost so many years in a row in his playoff league that he just could not do it again. To the victor goes the spoils.

And Then There Was One

Thats right people! One guy! I'll get to your email as fast as I can. Enjoy all! Go Pack!